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trash can

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Longseeso Group Co.,Ltd. is a large scaled Sino-foreign joint venture which has acquired various kinds of proffessional manufacturers in the line of household, lighting, material handling, homed appliances, electronics and stainless steel products, with more than 800 professional personnel, it covers an area of 120,000 suqare meters from all the sub companies, and has more than 500 workers. We have got a highly proffessional technology research and development team, specializing in three categories.

Our R&D department own 20 engineer & designers, are dedicated to develop innovative, stylish and practical products so as to keep pace with the changing market trends. We have experience with OEM & ODM more than 8 years and are also able to provide OEM, ODM products based on customers drawing or samples. With the excellent technology we give you excellent products, fit for throughout the world. In our modern world, we improve the lives of our customers in the most important rooms with styles that allow everyone to express their own personal flair.

Our company gets ISO 9001:2008 and BSCI certificate successfully. Our products also certified in CE, ROHS, PAHS, FDA etc from SGS, TUV and can pass different test for different market required. For more information please contact us.

Introduction Environmental trash can
Environmental trash English name: trash can, trash bin

Environmental protection trash is a kind of environmentally friendly material trash of the short, the main material for the waste milk box packaging made of composite panels to the processing.
Garbage sorting environmental trash can

Domestic waste is re-divided into four categories, namely recyclable waste, non-recyclable waste, hazardous waste and other waste. Recyclable materials that are suitable for recycling and resource utilization, including paper, plastic, glass, fabric and bottles, etc., collected with blue garbage containers; hazardous waste that contains hazardous substances, need special safe handling of garbage, including batteries, Lamps and household chemicals, etc., collected with red garbage containers; other garbage means garbage collected outside the classification, collected with a gray garbage container. Different colors of the trash on behalf of the classification of garbage, so the classification of the trash was so divided!

Advantages environmental protection trash

Waste recycling, reduce the waste to bring our environmental pressure; materials can be produced in a variety of colors and styles of trash, luster for our lives; with anti-theft function, itself is the waste recycling, there is no value of theft ; Long life, high-density composite board, resistant to rain, strong corrosion resistance.

Environmental protection trash is made of less pollution, high energy efficiency of the material, mainly the selection of less quality, long life, suitable for parks, shopping malls, scenic areas, open-air plaza and other places more public places.
Trash can also manufacturers according to the specific use of the environment, to customize the specific size. To the maximum to meet customer needs.

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