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Denmark’s trash: “moisten things silently” environmental move

Recently saw an article entitled “30 cm dignity” essay, 30 cm, what kind of dignity it can bring it?

When I read this essay, I can not help but sigh with emotion, tears, it makes me feel deeply, what is the heart to maintain a dignity of others, but also let me deeply understand why ” Kingdom of Fairy Tales “Denmark is the country with the highest level of happiness in the world. At the same time, I also have a curiosity to see if there is any difference in the characteristics of this Danish trash can and why people can feel respect. power.

For this reason, I checked the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and the related news reports, which opened up a new world to me: the original Danish trash bin was more than just a small bucket. Actually, they are the social development as the city changes People’s needs are constantly evolving and updating.

Give a chestnut:

In Denmark, with a population of just over 5.4 million Bicycle Kingdom, the number of bicycles exceeds 4.2 million with nearly 90% owning bicycles and the per capita ownership rate is among the highest in the world. Infrastructure construction in Denmark has generally been adapted to the needs of cycling. A variety of initiatives provide the most direct reason for Danish choice of bicycle transport — fast, convenient, environmental protection while supporting fitness and saving costs.

To this end, Dane designed this product:

Trash crooked neck is doing what?

The original is to facilitate riders to throw rubbish, there is a very humane wood?

Many Nordic countries carry out garbage classification. In order to achieve the target more effectively, the drinks are charged with a beverage bottle deposit at the time of purchase. The beverage bottle can be returned once the beverage bottle has been taken to the recycling machine or returned to the seller. Denmark is no exception, but even so many people are still lazy and threw drinks bottles directly in the trash. It is estimated that more than 100 million Danish kroner bottles will be abandoned each year.

So these drinks bottles became the scavengers’ treasure, often see tramp or scavengers reach out into trash bins to find these bottles. It reminds me of the story of “30cm dignity”, “A bare-bodied teenager almost hung on a trash can and rummaged, but found nothing, simply crawling into the trash and picking up a few A drink bottle before coming out. “

To this end, the Danish government introduced a new trash can on the street. These new trash cans are very user-friendly. Taking into account that the scavengers are not tall enough to reduce the height of trash cans by 30 cm, they have been specially designed, Let them easily rummage, from no longer need to roll up their sleeves to reach into the dirty trash to find the water bottle.

kmart trash cans

Are there any attentive classmates discovering this small change in the trash in Denmark?

In the original ordinary trash next to a circle of “waste bottle circle”, put a special bottle.

Do not underestimate this small detail changes, its original intention is very simple – so that people who collect waste bottles can more easily and easily pick up the bottle. And behind that there is even greater significance, this little improvement can make the number of bottles in Denmark greatly increased, the small details of the Danish government green environmental action.

In fact, this trash has also been improved 2 generations:

In Denmark, collecting waste bottles is not a shameful thing. In order to encourage environmental recycling, all waste bottles in Denmark can be collected and converted into money.

Citizens collected the bottles to get to the supermarket, according to the different types of bottles can be exchanged for different money. This is a good way for many Danish residents to make a living, so everybody’s bottle will save money!

As an environmentalist, the Danish people have also given me reflection. “Environmental protection” should not be a “sacred” and superior thing, nor is it a government, an organization or an individual only at a certain time Things to do, the concept of environmental protection should be “infiltrated” in people’s life in a variety of “scenes”, inadvertently, bit by bit to change people’s practice, Denmark’s trash can is a good example.

“Trash reduce 30 cm”, “crooked neck trash”, “flip function”, “increase the bottle recovery box,” a little bit of human innovation, “moisten things quietly” guide the public garbage classification, Measures to encourage environmental protection and recycling, not only take care of the vulnerable groups, but also for those who are willing to self-serving people get the dignity they deserve.

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