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garbage can

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The New
Colorful style
Colorful trash cans, is the appearance of trash can be colorful. Unique appearance, fine workmanship, surface treatment technology has electroplating,

There is spray. Colorful colors: green bronze, red bronze, white stars, black stars, red bronze color, waxing and other colorful.
Induction type
The induction bin is controlled by a circuit chip and consists of an infrared detection device and a mechanical electronic drive system.
Anti-static trash can
Anti-static trash can
As long as there is an object close to the sensor area, the lid will automatically open, the object or hand away from the sensor area after a few seconds the lid will automatically shut down, no external power supply, battery-powered, low power consumption. Combined with infrared sensor and microcomputer composed of fine streamlined appearance sensing flip design, flexible and convenient, without manual or foot, you can easily throw garbage. In addition, the convenience of health, reliable performance, so as to effectively prevent contact infections.
Automatic compression
In 2009, a new generation of trash cans, they are small, but more than the traditional trash cans more than 8 times the amount of high-tech trash. This is commonly known as “big stomach king” of the trash, looks like a mailbox. The general trash can handle about 181.6 liters of waste, but the “big stomach” can store 1362 liters of garbage at a time. In other words, cleaners had collected garbage once a day, and now they were collected once a week. These trash can use the sun as a power source, after automatic compression treatment, you can reduce the volume of garbage to the original 1/8, which can “eat” under the 1362 liters of garbage. “Big stomach king” trash is another feature is completely closed, two-door structure, to prevent the smell of overflow, beautiful and safe, even the mouse and other small animals can not enter. The top of the green, yellow, red light, respectively, can be installed, filled with half, full, so that users at a glance.
Open mode

Open type two, open cover type
Step on the cover
Inductive (Infrared)

Processing materials

First, plastic
Simple to process, easy to clean, suitable for indoor use. In the outdoors, there is a requirement for the material: it is not easy to age.

Second, stainless steel
Outdoor use will not be rain corrosion, but there is the possibility of being stolen by the thief.

Three, ceramic
Ceramics are already synonymous with high-end products. Ceramic ware is easy to clean and has high surface finish. Giving a high quality feel.

Four, woody
Good texture and easy to coordinate with the environment.

Five, cement
Its benefits are fixed, there is no stolen question (many of the city’s stainless steel trash can be stolen)

Six, pulp
In China’s 08 Olympic venues in the use of such a trash, above the “ceramic”, “plastic”, “not recyclable” and printed with “good luck Beijing” words. This kind of recyclable paper is very strong and very environmentally friendly. There are about 140 such trash cans in the museum.

Seven, metal
Metal trash cans, generally made of steel, high durability, and later can be recycled. The disadvantage of steel is easy to rust, usually after the first degreasing oil, and then paint, thereby strengthening the use of steel in the anti-rust.

Eight, Gangmu
Steel frame, plus wood outside the decoration, but also useful plastic wood or environmentally friendly wood instead of solid wood approach

Nine, fiberglass
Glass fiber reinforced plastic trash, the general use of high-quality glass fiber and imported resin color synthesis of its high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, anti-aging, sun exposure is not deformed, anti-ultraviolet, easy to clean, easy to operate, Durable long life, peeled barrels without theft and recycling value.

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