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Gulangyu will increase by 130 garbage placement quarters quarters trash

For Gulangyu residents, the word “garbage classification” is not strange at all, many residents have put the peel, leafy green enzymes as a living habit. This is because as early as October 8, 2015, Gulangyu launched a garbage classification pilot project. Gulangyu, a demonstration site for garbage classification on the island, has a solid foundation of software and is currently refining its “hardware,” including the addition of a batch of fixed-point garbage disposal sites for residents and the addition of “quartering” trash cans.

Collection of kitchen waste, can do environmental enzymes or exchange points

More than 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, deer reef Road Building 1 courtyard, the leading community to carry out a campaign to promote environmental enzymes. “Brown sugar, peel (leaves), tap water in accordance with the ratio of 1: 3: 10 deployment, sealed for three months to become environmentally friendly enzymes.” Volunteers detailed production process, residents hear relish. Wang Yuxia, director of the leading community, said that such promotional activities are essentially fine teaching of waste sorting and are conducted irregularly.

“The effect is very good, my house is dragged to shine.” Resident Ms. Chen said that after the environmental enzyme is done, then according to the ratio of 1: 1: 1 mixed with water and detergent, washing powder immediately enhance the effectiveness. Now, she sorts the home’s leaves and peels every day to make enzymes. Residents Ms. Zhang made a good eco-friendly enzymes with large oil bottles up 10 liters, a lot of friends to discuss, she taught them hands-on practice.

In addition to the production of eco-friendly enzymes, there are residents to peel, leaves and other kitchen waste after the classification of points exchange. Deer reef road building in front of basketball court next to a green trash, every morning and afternoon, kitchen waste sweep code Lao Chen have come to collect and check. “You see, this will not work, there are paper bags and yogurt boxes.”

Wang Yuxia said that residents who participate in kitchen waste sorting will get a point card, holding this card can E-card designated business consumption or take the bus. Residents put a bar code on the trash bags, a bag of garbage in line with the requirements of a record, the upper limit is two points per day.

In accordance with the points exchange, up to 26 yuan per month can get. According to the data provided by Gulangyu Street, the leading communities and the Neicu Community issued 1399 and 1644 kitchen waste classification score cards, respectively. The actual participation rate of residents was 88.5% and 88.81% respectively.

kitchen cart trash bin

Store support for waste classification, bring their own trash can dump customers

Gulangyu many restaurants, food waste production is very large. At present, Gulangyu Sanitation Department to take the battery car flow collected and transported directly to the sanitation wharf mode. It is understood that about 20 barrels of food waste per day, capacity of 20 liters per barrel.

Yesterday afternoon, when sanitation workers collected the rubbish of the traders along the streets, sanitation workers saw that tourists would like to throw the rubbish into the drums specially collected in the trash of food and beverage outlets, hurriedly reminded not to litter.

Garbage sorting is supported by many merchants. Shen Chun-min, the owner of “Minji Minnan”, placed two trash cans at the entrance of the store and specially prepared a larger capacity trash can. “It is to let the passing visitors thrown in front of the shop, the environment is good, my home store grade will be enhanced.” Shen Chunchang in the fast food boxes and walls filled with food, are printed on the “garbage does not fall, the island is more beautiful” The slogan, the dining customers to go to the store door dump dumping their own class, eat the rest down in a bucket, throw disposable tableware into another bucket.

Tourists do not understand the classification rules, the trash will be set in quarters

Gulangyu, one of the 15 demonstration sites on the island, is rather special because it is not a closed cell and there are many tourists passing by each day.

Yang Fenglin, director of the Gulangyu Environmental Sanitation Department, said if four types of trash cans (recyclable, kitchen waste, noxious and others) are put on streets and alleys, they affect both street views and their operation. “There are too many tourists, from different regions, they do not understand the classification rules, as long as a person misplaced an ice cream, followed by tourists to keep up, it lost the meaning of garbage classification.” Yang Fenglin said the procurement of four categories in place trash , Will be set in a closed cell Gulangyu.

In addition, Gulangyu will add 130 residents (70 in the leading community and 60 in the Neicuo community) to send garbage to designated locations. The two main types of garbage bins are kitchen waste and other garbage, and are equipped with billboards. In the streets, or traditional shell fruit shell as the main force.

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