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Rural rubbish “three” work has a coup to change waste into treasure to achieve local consumption

The CPPCC “Strengthening garbage harmlessness” research group rushed to Zhejiang on March 23 research, the first stop is the two rural areas in Wenzhou. After the investigation, Wang Yunfeng, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and former party secretary of Tongzhou District in Beijing, said that he had some lack of confidence in the “landing” of the work. However, what he saw and heard now gave him “confidence.”

Rural rubbish “three” work has a coup to change waste into treasure to achieve local consumption

On March 23, at 6 a.m., the research team of the CPPCC National Committee for Strengthening the Harmless Treatment of Garbage set off from Shenzhen and rushed to Zhejiang. The first stop came to Wenzhou. About the plane, members regardless of tired journey, non-stop rushed to Banqiao Village, Qidu Street, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhang Village investigation.

Banqiao Village is the first experimental village in Wenzhou City. Into Banqiao Village, clean streets, beautiful houses make people suddenly came into the countryside.

According to the staff, in recent years, the village through face-to-face propaganda and training, hand guides and other activities, the village currently 80% of villagers can put garbage classification, many villagers will be kitchen waste into organic fertilizer for planting vegetables, Flowers, so that recycling of resources, so that rubbish “turning waste into treasure.”

Members met sanitation workers who were working in the village and immediately talked about it. “Do you usually work hard? Garbage classification trouble? How the wage situation … …”

trash can bags

The old man told the research team that there are now four cleaning workers in the village, both of whom are villagers. In addition to taking on some of the trash cleaning work, they usually look through the trash bins placed in front of their houses every day to see if there is any wrong trash in them. Found the wrong trash, they will be picked out again, into the correct color trash. “The initial mistakes are more, but now less and less, the villagers are now basically used to and learn to sort rubbish.”

“Our revenue is paid by the street, very satisfied with the work.”

When I saw the situation in Banqiao Village and heard the feedback from the elderly, Zhang Jiyao, leader of the research team and deputy director of the Population, Resources and Environment Committee of the CPPCC National Committee expressed his feelings about the “rubbish” (decontamination, reduction and recycling) work , The key lies in the grass-roots community, is the community’s propaganda work can be done. Let the people from the bottom of my heart to recognize this matter, from ‘government to do me’ to ‘myself to do’ change, and in life experience it Bring happiness and empowerment. “

Along the country road, members walked not far to the fields, among the rape fields, several arched plastic sheds attracted the attention of members. This seemingly insignificant facility is actually a waste disposal area in the village.

Open the digestion tank cover, members found no foul odor. According to reports, by adopting sunshine compost method, these digestion tanks only need a month or two after fermentation, kitchen waste can be absorbed into fertilizer and then reused.

In front of the consumer market, is a piece of land with a variety of vegetables. Green leaves under the sun looks fresh and attractive.

It is reported that these experimental fields are compost fertilizer. “The organic vegetables we grow are not only good-looking but also healthier, and now the villagers are rushing to use it, and they can also recycle it in the consumer area,” local staff said proudly.

Nie Zhenbang, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former director of the State Grain Administration, suggested: “There is not only a beautiful environment here but also the use of organic fertilizer to grow various kinds of agricultural products. When it is advertised to the media, the products must be very hot.”

In addition, the research team learned that after the implementation of the waste separation in the rural areas, a significant change has been the substantial reduction in waste. The amount of garbage handled in the village by incineration is reduced from about 3,000 to 1,500 pounds a month. For the whole year, it can reduce more than 10 tons of kitchen waste and consume more than 30 tons of garbage compost effectively.

Wang Yunfeng, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former party secretary of Tongzhou District in Beijing, said that although he was concerned about the classification of waste before his investigation, he lacked confidence in the “landing” of the work. “After research, I saw many places to explore first practice, ‘confidence multiplied.'”

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