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Taiwan “EPD”: toilet paper to throw the toilet do not throw the trash

According to reports from the Taiwan media, the dispute over the handling of toilet paper for over 10 years and the “EPA” attitude of Taiwan have taken a big turn. Taiwan’s “Director of Environmental Protection” Li Ying-yuan said that in the future policy objectives, please change the living habits of the public, used toilet paper thrown into the toilet, do not throw it into the trash next to, causing environmental pollution. The EPD will make a policy announcement within a week and will consult with the paper mills within three months.

According to reports, Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” Sanitation Committee and Taiwan’s “EPD” carried out a project report today entitled “Constructing a New Generation Green Waste Sustainable Treatment Program”. “Legislator” Lu Xiuyan In response to a question on the issue of toilet paper, Mr Lu said that none of the last three “EPAs” has solved the problem. Mr Li was the first person to have a planned and positive response.

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Lu Xiuyan said that Taiwan has been hot and humid all the year round. If the toilet paper with the soiled material is disposed of in the trash bin, it will cause environmental pollution and think that the “EPD” should change to solve such a problem.

At the time of the interrogation, Li Yingyuan said in response to a reporter’s query that in the past the old policy required the toilet paper to be placed in the trash, but the social life style had been changed and the toilet paper could be decomposed. In addition, the sewage sewer in Taipei and several cities took over The rate is high, with the progress of Taiwan now, the technical efforts to overcome.

Li Ying-yuan said that the toilet paper handling is a small undertaking. However, starting from the concept of change, the major goal must be established first. Then, through coordinating with manufacturers and hopefully formulating a plan for the manufacture of toilet paper in the future, Can be overcome, but also should be overcome, the next 3 months to make a preliminary understanding of the relevant manufacturers, we can set the schedule.

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