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trash can

trash can
Trash can, also known as waste box or Trash can, is the place where garbage is loaded.
Trash can can be made of metal or plastic, with the time into the plastic bag, when the garbage can be a bag of lost. Most of the Trash can can have a lid to prevent the smell of garbage scattered, and some Trash can can be pedal open. Trash can is the people living in the “filth” container, but also a reflection of social culture. Most of the home Trash can can be placed in the kitchen in order to place the kitchen. Some families will have one in the main room. Some of the playground Trash can can be specially designed as a lovely person.

Chinese name: Trash can. A container dedicated to garbage and waste. There are many called “Trash can”
Other names: 1, recyclable waste bins; 2, kitchen waste bins; 3, harmful Trash can; 4, other Trash can.

Trash can is the people living in the “filth” container.
Trash can is a refraction of social culture.
English name: Garbage can Dustbin
Trash can can be divided into public Trash can cans and household Trash can cans. In the form of garbage can be divided into separate Trash can cans and classified Trash can can. Processing materials can be divided into plastic Trash can cans, stainless steel Trash can, ceramic Trash can, wood Trash can, cement Trash can and pulp Trash can cans and so on. On the open way to open, open cover type, stamped open cover, induction (infrared) and so on.

According to the occasion points
(1) public type
There are special requirements for the environment: in the outdoor natural conditions to withstand high and low temperature, have sufficient mechanical strength and good impact toughness. Easy to clean with the environment.
(2) family style
Mainly used in the bathroom and kitchen.
Kitchen and toilet is the best use of tightly sealed with a lid of garbage bin, even if the use of plastic bags inside the open Trash can, usually must also tighten the pocket. And the best garbage every day, especially the raw garbage and toilet garbage, can not stay in the Trash can can not fall overnight. This can prevent the garbage moldy, smell the distribution.
(3) medical type
Used to store the clinical use of discarded after a variety of solid objects and liquids in the clinical laboratory to patients with blood, body fluids and secretions, etc., there are a small amount of recyclable use of the items. Medical waste should be in accordance with the “Medical Waste Management Ordinance” and “medical and health institutions medical waste management approach” to deal with the provisions of measures.
In full bloom
Single use, the usage is relatively high, common in public places and in the family.

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